"Thank you for leading our teacher training with so much grace and humility. Also, for taking a stand for our growth and personal development."

-Roger Friedli, Seattle, WA


"I will forever remember our shared experiences and the foundation of support you contributed to my evolution. I have deep gratitude and reverence for how you shaped my life and my asana." 

- Craig Edwards, Seattle, WA


"Your humor, feedback and encouragement were greatly appreciated. Thank you for making me a better teacher. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are an amazing coach."

- Jay Baez, Seattle, WA


"Thank you so much for sharing your love and knowledge. You are an inspiration and a bright light. I am so glad I was able to meet you and learn from you."

-Annalee Herrera, Seattle, WA


"Linnea embodies calmness and presence, and that in itself is an invitation to see yourself and your life through her kind and fearless eyes. I am grateful to have chanced upon her and have yet to find a teacher who inspires me more. I am sincerely thankful for this."

-Darryl Neufeld, Boulder, CO


"I realize Linnea's teaching has spoiled me. Part of falling in love with yoga was the way she is able to take me on a physical and introspective journey. I had never experienced this before. Linnea has an extraordinary gift: her ability to encourage her students to read themselves, love themselves and appreciate who they are as people in that moment is equally important to the awesome physical journey she takes us through. I am so grateful to have this connection to myself through her guidance. I carry this with me everywhere. Since her leaving my studio, I have yet to experience the authenticity and quality of teaching as vividly as I did with Linnea."

- Jenny Foster, Snoqualmie Ridge, Wa  


"You inspire me every day with your teaching, as well as how you work with people. You are an amazing woman." - Holly Spieth, Seattle, WA


"As a beginner, I was intimidated by yoga. But Linnea shows a commitment to carry her students through the whole process and help them when they need it. She is incredibly passionate about what she does, and makes a conscious effort to show her students how they will benefit as an individual. I would highly recommend Linnea for anyone who is interested in the art of yoga or is committed to a vibrant and healthy life."

- Jesse Bernstein, Seattle, Wa


"Thank you for being such a strong motivator for me! I am constantly impressed by your calmness and bright attitude." -Alexander Tsway, Seattle, WA