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About Linnea

I'm Linnea, i'm a yoga student first, and a teacher second. I am curious, creative, and highly intuitive. I am a teacher, facilitator and weave elements of psychology, emotional intelligence, energy medicine into

Ever since I was 16, and picked up the first book that launched me on my path: Be Here Now by Ram Das, it sparked something in me.

With a background in servant leadership, I love nothing more than people sharing their heart, trusting their worth and putting their true work out into the world.

This is my space to share with you my authentic journey in hopes of elevating others, integrating the practice into real life and revealing slabs of my heart that have most shaped me as a person, and, thus my teaching.

I believe education with a combination of authenticity and telling the truth is the secret sauce. This is space to share upcoming trainings, workshops, and information as an ode to many teacher's that have also shared their heart and practice, and influenced my teaching.


Credentials and Inspiration: 

An EYRT, and YACEP certified yoga teacher, Linnea shines most in group facilitation settings and is lit up by merging her study of the energetic body and eastern practices with her background in leadership. She has over 600 hours of training, and has studied multiple modalities and lineages and is currently most inspired by Katonah Yoga and Yin Yoga which both have roots in the energetic practices that stem from Chinese Medicine.

Her undergraduate degree is in Leadership and Sustainable business, where she studied consulting, coaching, and leadership under Executive Coach and published author, Dr. Doreen Kato. 

She has over 300 hours in meditation training with various teachers, most recently Buddhist meditation with Charles Morrison. She continues to study meditation from many traditions.

She is currently the Studio Manger at Ritual House of Yoga in Seattle, WA.