'Channel your Energy: A YIn Workshop' 

In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of a yin practice, Chinese lineage and meditation to restore and nourish the nervous system. This workshop will be part discussion, part restorative and part meditation.

We will explore hands on tools that can be applied in every day life. Leave feeling prepared to tackle your stressors, have hands-on practical tools to apply, and a safe supportive environment to work through the hurdle of developing a regular + realistic self care practice.

$35 Non-members. Members receive a discount; please call or come into the studio to receive member discount.

Registration questions: hello@maven-yoga.com

renew + Restore: Yoga + SUrf Retreat 

Renew + Restore is collaborative yoga retreat experience curated by teachers Linnea Jensen and Anna Douglas with the intention to provide a safe, supportive and beautiful experience that embodied the things they love the most: high quality yoga, community and the sea. Every aspect of the retreat is handcrafted with authenticity and love. Participants have described it as "a beautiful heart-opening experience, both physically and spiritually" as well as a "safe environment to achieve new heights on the mat". Linnea and Anna provide a space to "get back to the basics and use only what we need to enhance what we already have." 

The experience is a combination of local farm to table dinners, all levels flow classes, deep restorative yin and a day spent at a beautiful Temescal sweat lodge. Oh, and don't forget the surfing! Each participant is offered a private session and a day of equipment rental to master the basics of surfing.