Body Map: A Chakra Workshop

This class is small part discussion, part vinyasa flow, and part breathing techniques designed to delve into the energy body and discover your blueprint for elevating your practice on the mat, and giving you tools for embodiment of your authentic self, off the mat.

The Chakras system helps us understand how to dive deep into your practice in order to: transform it into a practical day to day interactions, develop intuition, and take responsibility for own self worth and vibration in order to elevate ourselves and others.

Linnea's workshop style is exploratory and hands on, giving you tools to take away and increase your confidence in the understanding of yoga, it's philosophy and practical integration into body, mind and soul.

Member Price*: $30
Non-member Price (available online): $35


Channel Your Energy: A Self Care Workshop + Yin Practice

In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of a yin practice, Chinese theory and meditation to restore and nourish the nervous system. This workshop will be part discussion, part restorative and part meditation. We will explore hands on tools that can be applied in every day life. Leave feeling prepared to tackle your stressors, have hands-on practical tools to apply, and a safe supportive environment to work through the hurdle of developing a regular + realistic self care practice.

Upcoming dates coming soon