“Helping people discover their gifts, un-do what is in the way, and see what is truly them (versus what they’ve picked up from the world), is my favorite thing. When we can learn to cultivate our relational understanding to ourselves and find true alignment, I know from deep in my core, so much is possible.”

- Linnea

Modalities I use:

Leadership & Life coaching

Aside from my background in leadership, teaching, and facilitation, I am currently undergoing a professional coaching certification. Ontology is the study of the nature of being, and focuses on the individual and their life as an expression of alignment and being.

“Ontology” is the study of being and Ontological Coaching is about coaching a way of being, as a means of producing major shifts in perception and behavior through all aspects of communication.

Yoga, Meditation & Therapeutics

As a yoga teacher for eight years, I know first hand how transformational this practice is. Iyengar said ‘I use the body, to discipline the mind, to reach the soul’. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are tools to bring further integrity and alignment on all levels.


Human Design is a self discovery tool that provides invaluable understanding of our emotional, psychological and energetic composition, giving you the tools to align with your innate potential, optimize decision making and how to work best in relationship to the world around you to create flow, ease and understanding. Human design draws upon the time tested traditional modalities in the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, the Kabbalah, and combines it with modern science.

Human Design has taught me that flow, change and growth can actually be much easier than we make it, and we often already know, but have been trained to second guess ourselves. The work is in letting go of what is not us, and anywhere we are pushing or forcing.

When we understand what is energetically correct for us, everything changes.

I believe our most powerful self, is our most real and aligned self that has nothing to hide.



Leadership + Coaching

I offer Life Coaching packages as continued coaching over a minimum 6 month period.


Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Right now, I accept two mentor spots a year. This takes place over 6 month cycle and implements my teaching and training experience with teaching yoga, in combination with personalized coaching.

Email to apply before registration opens.


Human Design Readings

Foundational human design reading, outside of coaching. Sessions are 1 hour, or can be combined into coaching packages. Email to inquire.

Your humor, feedback and encouragement were greatly appreciated. Thank you for making me a better teacher. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are an amazing coach.”

- J. Baez, Seattle, WA